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SFIL, Happy 6-Month Anniversary!

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SFIL, Happy 6-Month Anniversary!

Issue Time:2021/08/30

July 30, 2021 was a special day for SFIL, which marks its 6-Month anniversary.

Honestly, the 6-month anniversary was a milestone for Filecoin mining. The linear part of SFIL mining revenue will be 100% distributed ever since.

As of now, 100+ partners have forwarded congratulatory posters in their WeChat moments, including IPFS News, Lieyun Finance, ChainNews, Blocklike, Win Capital, WebX Lab, GrayCloud, etc.

According to the official rules, 25% of the Filecoin mining revenue will be distributed immediately, and the rest will be distributed in the following 180 days. 

Filecoin network was not specially designed for speculators, it aims to provide high-quality services while preventing the loss of data. In the traditional BTC and ETH mining, miners can shut down the machines whenever they want. After joining the Filecoin mining, miners not only need to stake tokens but to make long-term contributions.

Key Events:

February 1: SFIL Mining Started and Been Listed on Gate.io

July 30: The Linear Releasing Part Was Wholly Distributed 

Here, it is necessary to explain what the 180-day linear releasing mechanism is:


Mining Efficiency: 

   The 1st day    1 FIL/T/24h

   The 2nd day    0.8 FIL/T/24h

   The 3rd day    0.6 FIL/T/24h

   The 4th day    0.5 FIL/T/24h

Actual Amount Received:

The 1st day:   1*0.8*0.25=0.2

The 2nd day:0.8*0.8*0.25+(1*0.8*0.75)/180*1=0.1633

The 3rd day:0.6*0.8*0.25+(1*0.8*0.75)/180*1+(0.8*0.8*0.75)/180*1=0.126

The 4th day:0.5*0.8*0.25+(1*0.8*0.75)/180*1+(0.8*0.8*0.75)/180*1+(0.6*0.8*0.75)/180*1=0.108



Imagine that a mining pool can produce 2400 tokens, 25% of them will be distributed immediately. Additionally, the rest will be distributed in the following 180 days.

Eg: 1800/180=10 FIL/Day. The mining revenue you'll receive on the 2nd day = 25% of the immediately releasing part + the linear releasing part of the 1st day. Likewise, the mining revenue you'll receive on the 3rd day = 25% of the immediately releasing part + the linear releasing part of the 1st day + the linear releasing part of the 2nd day.

As we all know, SFIL mining officially started on February 1, and we began to get the linear releasing part ever since. As of August 1, it has been mining for 180 days, the linear releasing part (75%) has already been distributed. Therefore, we can currently get 100% of the mining revenue each day.

Meanwhile, we've noticed that the mining efficiency of the whole network will be declining quickly with each passing day. As SFIL was launched relatively early, its accumulated mining efficiency is way higher than the average of the whole network. According to Filecoin's official rules, the revenue-releasing part will increase little by little. You can get the 180-day accumulated revenue at a time since SFIL has been launched on February 1. More specifically, mining with SFIL is 6X higher than the cloud hash rate in terms of revenue.

In other words, mining with SFIL is way better than FIL cloud hash rate and mining machines in terms of mining efficiency and linear releasing revenue accumulation.

Currently, the Filecoin ecosystem is growing quickly. SFIL strives to be engaged and make its contribution.

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Telegram: https://t.me/sfil_official(English)

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