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What is SFIL's Underlying Value-added Logics?

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What is SFIL's Underlying Value-added Logics?

Issue Time:2021/08/04
Filecoin hash rate, which SFIL is pegged to, has a transparent price. Every SFIL is backed by authentic hash rate assets, which is unparalleled by 99% of other tokens.
SFIL's valuation model was designed based on FIL's price growth and the development of the entire Filecoin hashrate ecosystem.
Since the launch of Filecoin's mainnet, the price of hash rate (Per T) has continued to rise by more than 50%. 
According to the current data, people holding SFIL will enjoy 50%-150% APR regardless of the token price fluctuation.

As the FIL hash rate market continues to grow, the underlying price of SFIL will also gradually rise to a new level. This is what is SFIL's Underlying Value-added Logics is all about.
As you can learn from the historical data, the price trend of SFIL is almost the same as that of FIL.

Holding SFIL now, and you can enjoy benefits brought by the development of the Filecoin Ecosystem.
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