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A Quick Insight Into the Hashrate Strengthening Mechanism

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A Quick Insight Into the Hashrate Strengthening Mechanism

Issue Time:2021/08/04

Deposit SFIL into the official wallet and then you can get FIL mining revenue, that's why we introduced 70% revenue guarantee mechanism. The lower the depositing percentage is, the higher earnings you'll get.


For example, the total circulating supply of SFIL is 2 million, and the current depositing amount is 0.7 million, thus the depositing percentage is 35%. In this case, those who deposit SFIL are going to share the corresponding amount of mining revenue of 70% of the total hash rate. In other words, their daily mining revenue will be doubled, and the Hashrate Strengthening index today is 2. If the depositing percentage is 10%, you'll get 7X revenue, and the Hashrate Strengthening Index is 7.


The Hashrate Strengthening Mechanism is a type of discounted cash flow for SFIL miners. This is what the Hashrate Strengthening Mechanism is all about.

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