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How to engage in SFIL Mining?


How to engage in SFIL Mining?

Update Time:2021/12/8

1)Create an account in exchanges that support SFIL/USDT trading pair.

  1. Gate: https://gateio.pro/en/trade/SFIL_USDT…

  2. BiKi: https://biki.cc/en_US/trade/SFIL_USDT…

  3. LBank: https://lbank.me/exchange/sfil/usdt…

2)Purchase USDT

3)Find the SFIL/USDT trading pair, enter the price and amount, then click the ‘Buy’ button.

4) Download SFIL wallet(Link: https://app.sfil.io/app/#/)

5)Withdraw SFIL from the exchange to the wallet, and wait for another 24 hours.

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