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A Quick Insight Into the Revenue Superimposing Index

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A Quick Insight Into the Revenue Superimposing Index

Issue Time:2021/08/04

SFIL strictly follows the official Filecoin revenue distribution rules. On February 1, 2021, SFIL mining officially started and the linear releasing part will be counted ever since. As time goes by, the Revenue Superimposing Index becomes larger. 


For example, A and B purchased 100T hash rate on March 3, 2021. The current mining efficiency is 0.12/T/24h, and we'll charge 1/5 of your daily revenue as the technical custody fee. If A chooses cloud hash rate, 1. As for B, he/she buys 10000 SFIL, which equals to 100T cloud hash rate. From February 1 to March 3, we have been mining for 30 days, so the Revenue Superimposing Index here is 30. Therefore, he/she will get 3.6 FIL on the first day instead. Though they all purchased 100T hash rate, while B beats A by 1.2 FIL in terms of revenue. Just as you can imagine, the SFIL Revenue Superimposing Index and mining revenue will both be higher with each passing day. This is what the Revenue Superimposing Mechanism is all about.

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