SFIL: The Simplest Filecoin Mining Method With An APY of 90%

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Investor Cases

No matter where you come from, America, UK, Japan, South Korea, Middle East, or South America, as long as you purchase SFIL, you can immediately get the mining revenue.

JackOffice Worker

Since I started investing in SFIL, I have constantly received free FIL each day at 7PM (UTC+8). That is so cool, which makes me feel that I've gotten a new job. However, investing in SFIL is way better because I don't need to do anything. Therefore, I want to figure out why it is so profitable. After digging deeper into the background, I finally realized that my daily earnings come from mining machines. They were deployed in mainland China mines, and I can participate in mining in such a simple way! I have shared this piece of good news with my friends. Honestly, I am not here to convince you but to tell you the truth.

  • Have a second income
  • No need to do anything


Hello, this is Merry from Victoria, and I am the mother of three children. Honestly, I never believe that making money online is practicable. Thank God for letting me get acquainted with Mike and bringing me into the world of crypto mining. I invested 20,000 USD in February, and now I have earned 10,000 USD back, and the profit is becoming higher with each passing day. Afterward, I invested more, and now my daily revenue is over 100 USD. The coolest thing is that I don't have to go out for work, and the earnings will be automatically distributed to my account every day.

  • Making money online
  • Earnings automatically distributed

EricIndividual Investor

I have been trading Bitcoin for a couple of years. However, I did not make much money in the bull market last year. I always buy in and sell when the price slightly goes up. Sometimes the price drops when I buy in the coin, then I lose money, too. Many of my friends had the same experience as me and we all feel that making money is a tough thing. It wasn't until this year that I got to know that some people have made tons of money through mining. They're a mysterious group of people. It is hard for you to find them, but they are all rich guys. Thank God, I finally found it this year, and it's such an easy way to participate in mining. Now I have invested 100,000 USD and my daily revenue is 500 USD, which is much better than trading Bitcoin. I regret that I should have participated earlier, but I am also very grateful that I finally found the perfect investment method.

  • Easy to participate
  • Better than spot trading